I want to make cool shit. 

How do I define that? 

I want -- I have a supreme desire over everything else -- other than family -- to do this in my life. It's what I'm here for. With so many other notable pursuits in life, this is mine. 

make -- to make films, write scripts, create worlds, and to connect emotionally to audiences, it takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears most will never experience. The magic the audience sees in the end product of a TV show, short film, feature film, etc is the result of meticulous analysis and revision that I take the most pride in. To make is passion plus manpower manifested into production and then molded into a final product for consumption. How do I do that? To make something is to invest yourself into an idea that doesn't exist yet. So for me it all starts with story. The story from my vantage point. A Filipino-American poor kid who grew up across the street from a strip club in a country where it's evident I am different. This is my story and also my blessing. 

Cool -- Love is cool. Relationships are cool. Hate is cool. Fate is cool. Coincidence is cool. Laughs are cool. Tears are cool. To finally beat the boss and save the girl is cool. To be pushed to the edge of your humanity... that's cool. Like I said up top -- my stories are a collection of who I am. So my voice is evident in everything I work on. 

Shit -- Way cooler than stuff. I say shit because there's a lot of that in the world, but more rare for cool shit. This is the numbers part. I can't make an impact making 1 or 2 things. I need to make 100 things. 1000 things. Just keep adding zeroes. The more I make the more is out there. It's numbers. Will it all be perfect? It won't be, but I'm going to do my damnedest to make sure it's close. I won't let myself be bogged down or stuck in the mud on a project. The only way it makes an impact is release. So the more, the better. 

I want to make cool shit. It's simple. 

- Bernard Badion


Nuno Media is the banner that Bernard Badion's projects all work under. 

Bernard Badion is a writer/director from the Bay Area in Northern California.

He is an award-winning alumnus of Loyola Marymount University’s Writing and Producing for Television program. He’s a recent fellow at the Film Independent Incubator Lab. Bernard’s directing work has been said to “evoke equal amounts of laughter and tears” (Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival) and that his storytelling is “open-hearted and transformative” (Napa Valley Film Festival).

Badion has multiple films in pre-production.

To inquire about working with Nuno Media please contact us at bernard@nuno.media .