Cutting 'Aswang' by Bernard Badion

 Brynn O'Malley plays Jane who is shocked at what she's hearing from her neighbor. 

Brynn O'Malley plays Jane who is shocked at what she's hearing from her neighbor. 

Recently, I've been knee deep in the edit for my newest short film, Aswang Next Door. It stars Eugene Cordero, who was in a previous short film of mine, and also Brynn O'Malley-- both amazing and extremely funny. Here's the breakdown of the edit:

1. First cut was just be and it timed at about 8.5 minutes -- super long, but felt good when I first got it. 

2. Second cut I did an editing/notes day with Eugene and from our conversations got it cutdown to about 6.5 minutes. Better, but still a little long. 

3. Third cut I applied some more things I talked about with Eugene and got it down to about 5 minutes. Amazing right? I thought so, but I watched it a lot and it felt like it was missing something. I think we went to far in the cuts and lost some of the magic between Brynn and Eugene. 

4. Fourth cut I do another editing session with Eugene and we switch up some reaction shots, go through the footage and sprinkle in little moments throughout, and we put back a sequence of jokes that we totally eliminated two cuts ago. It runs about 6 minutes and it feels great! 

What did I learn from this? Editing is a process and you got to be open to different ideas about how to cut something. I didn't even mention that the script has been flipped in terms of how the story is laid out, but it's so much better for it. 

Can't wait to screen this one! 

San Jose and Los Angeles Film Festivals! Plus new films! by Bernard Badion


 Joy Regullano and Bernard Badion at LAPIFF.

Joy Regullano and Bernard Badion at LAPIFF.

I WON'T MISS YOU made it's festival premiere earlier this month at the Los Angeles Philippine International Film Festival and later this week will make it's Bay Area, my hometown, premiere at the San Jose International Short Film Festival!

Personally it was great to open at the LAPIFF, but I'm also very excited to play a film of mine on my old stomping grounds. It's playing at the CineArts on Santana Row -- a beautiful theater that I was actually present at when it first opened. Always wanted to play a film there and now I get to see that happen. 

We are playing Friday at 230pm in the group 'IT'S COMPLICATED'. The other films look great! It's a real honor to be alongside them. For tickets and more info please CLICK HERE.


 Still image from RideShare. 

Still image from RideShare. 

A couple weeks ago I shot an iPhone short in the style of Tangerine called RIDESHARE. It stars Kelly Sry, Wendy McColm, and Earl Baylon. It's currently in post-production being edited by Jole Sanchez. When it's finished it'll be my submission to the HBO Visionaries Fellowship. More details soon!