RIDESHARE is done and submitted to HBO Visionaries! / by Bernard Badion

Just finished! Here's what I posted on my project page! 


Two strangers split an Uber ride. 

I've been thinking about this project for awhile and I am so happy to have finished it. It was my entry into the HBO Visionaries competition, but I also really wanted to do this film because I thought it'd be cool to see it play out. If you've watched any of my work, for as long as I could remember, I've always had an affliction to fate. That the random interactions we have in life are there for a reason. The two strangers that meet in this Uber ride needed each other whether they liked it or not. 

My amazing actors Wendy McColm, Kelly Sry, and Earl Baylon were all amazing to work with. For Wendy and Kelly it's both their second projects with me. I can't talk too much about it, but I cannot wait for you guys to see this. 

In post, Jole Sanchez edited the piece with flare and gusto. It was a pleasure to work with him. The sound is so crisp after the Deutsch brothers (Terence and Christian) did their thing. 

I find out the results of the HBO competition in January. Let's hope for the best.