Sounds We Have No Letters For

Two people on a blind date delve into pho, boba, and the end of the world. 

Starring: Eugene Cordero, Julia Cho
Director/Writer: Bernard Badion
Director of Photography: Marco Bercasio
Producer: Jenna Park and Mara Dela Rosa



Featured at the Napa Valley Film Festival, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, and a CAAM Xfinity Asia On Demand pick. 

Director's Statement

I got the idea for SWHNLF when I was out for dinner with my wife and overheard the most awkward first date. It hurt to sit next to these two people, but then I wondered who they were and I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Another note about the film is that I strive to place minority characters in non-stereotyped roles. In this short, two minorities are on a date. I know it's subtle, but it's my way of saying that Asian-Americans can be more than a non-speaking background actor, a nurse, or a martial arts character. It's never brought to attention that they are Asian-American. They are people who are the main characters in their story. Asian-Americans can be leads that look for love.